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If you like the outdoors and a culture that identifies with its surrounding nature then there aren't many places better on Earth than Finland. The whole country is one big forest with many, many lakes spread throughout. It is a runner's and hiker's dream with trails everywhere! With education as the vehicle Finland has brought itself to the forefront as a model international society after relative obscurity in the 1970s and prior. I have been fortunate to travel to Finland at least yearly (with one exception) since 2007. Most of my time has been spent in Jyväskylä in central Finland but I have also spent a significant amount of time in Helsinki and other locations around central and southern Finland. However, I am still waiting for my trip to Lapland in the north. The Finns a people who are on the go no matter the weather, who consume copious amounts of coffee, have rather reserved but straightforward personalities, and saunas in every house.

Even with the attention of its high-performing schools, Finland has remained something of secret in terms of travel destinations and one that I hope remains that way. It is a little off the beaten path, the weather can be daunting, and it is definitely not on the radar of the Disney World types. However, it provides a richness in terms of nature combined with a society that is highly educated and vested in what they have.

I always look forward to the fresh air that awaits me on my visit and the quirky aspects of Finnish culture that keeps things interesting. Hopefully, this site will give you a little taste of a country I have come to love.


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