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Travel Tips for Finland

  • Finland uses the euro (1 euro = 1.23 US Dollar) - Bring a credit card (it is especially nice to have one that does not get charged for international transactions. 

  • Take out one large sum of money (approximately 200 euros) for other expenses.

  • Avoid exchanging money, whether it is at the airport or in the country itself.  

  • XE Currency Converter is a nice app that shows you the conversion rates for multiple countries at once (available in the Appstore). 

  • Oanda is the site to look at for exchange rates.


  • It is obvious that the winter in Finland is cold, but it can also be pretty chilly in the summer. Bring layers and a scarf or two (it is a fashion statement)!


  • Don't forget sunglasses! The glare from the sun can really do a number on your eyes.

  • Make sure you bring the right adapter! Plug C. Be careful because not every country in Europe uses the same type of outlet. 

  • The adapters to the right come in a pack of two from Amazon for $8.99, and has two outlets in one (click on the images for the links to amazon). If you plan to travel to other countries, check their outlets to make sure you have the correct adapter. You can typically pick one up in airports if you forget. 


  • Download Google Translate and Google Maps for the areas/places you are going to travel. Once downloaded you will be able to use these applications without data. 


  • Wifi is accessible most places, but you might consider purchasing a SIM card - for a description of options look here.

Helsinki Airport:

01531 Vantaa, Finland

In Case of Emergency:

United States Embassy:

Itäinen Puistotie 14 A, 00140 Helsinki, Finland


-If you are an U.S. citizen in distress, call the main Embassy number at +358-9-616-250 and select 0.



-Helsinki Hospital- Bulevardi 22, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

-Tekonivelsairaala Coxa Oy- Biokatu 6, 33520 Tampere, Finland

-Sädesairaala- Keskussairaalantie 19, 40620 Jyväskylä, Finland


Common Phrases:

Kiitos (Please/Thank you)

Puhutteko englantia? (Do you speak English?)

Hei hei (Hi/bye) - informal 

En ymmärrä (I don’t understand)

Anteeksi (I’m sorry/Excuse me)

Missa on vessa? (Where is the bathroom?)

Mitä tama/tuo on? (What is this/that?)

Translation Apps:

Google Translate - FREE

 (has real-time translation feature)

Microsoft Translator - FREE

Duolingo - FREE


TripLingo - FREE

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