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One of my great travel passions is eating. Unfortunately, however, with the exception of blueberry season Finland is not in the running for any awards in this category. There is not much of a tradition of eating out amongst the Finns. And the prices can be high even for so-so food.

Yes, blueberry season during the summer is my favorite eating time here. And I also enjoy the 'hike in the woods to eat a sausage' tradition. Somehow sausages taste much better when you hike out and warm them over your own fire. Karelian pies with a little cheese on top are also good for this occasion. 

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What traditions the Finns lack in dining they make up for in candy and chocolate consumption. Go to any store and you will find multiple aisles stocked with sweets. And they love, love, love their licorice here. Don't be surprised to find a whole aisle dedicated to a hundred different versions of licorice candy. Fazer is the national chocolate brand that everyone is so proud of. I personally prefer the sweeter Swedish Marabou brand that is also found here. Also, I've never seen the bag your own candy stations to be quite as popular as they are in Finland. 

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